Raianne Richards

Simple in this Place

Simple in this Place

Featuring Mark Mandeville and Jerry Fels accompanying Raianne Released on May 27, 2010 Simple in this Place is a reflection of Raianne's songwriting from 2004 to 2009. Many of the songs were written and inspired by visiting a tiny family owned cabin in Temple, ME. Songs were also inspired by touring as part of
"the accident that led me to the world."


"an organic, outdoorsy, timelessly-woodgrained whole, with one foot in lo-fi bedroom pop and the other in mellow country and western."
Nobody's Favorite Records

"...This is the type of album you can listen to on a slow Sunday afternoon while sitting on your porch and wondering what to do with your life..."
~ The Biggest Let down

"...This is the sound of far, far away. Doesn't really matter where. Just far away. Richards has a fine, dusty voice, and it tends to evoke back roads that got paved long ago. Not antique, really, but simply well-traveled...
~ Aiding & Abetting

"nice warm organic sound and the emphasis is placed on the songs themselves...Instead of coming across like a carbon-copy twenty-first century popster...Ms. Richards comes across sounding like a real human being with genuine thoughts and emotions. Real music...Killer voice! TOP PICK."
~ Baby Sue -- Top pick and 5 heads

"Those who appreciate the joyous sound of imaginative, well-played Americana should definitely investigate..."
~ The One True Dead Angel Blog

"... low key, folky pieces that in places are almost Appalachian...The results are best heard on the spine tingling spare rendition of “No Secrets”..."
~ Home Grown is Good For You ~ Americana UK. Reviewers Rating: 8 out of 10 Related web link: log cabin in the sky


Simply Uncompromised / No Secrets /Best Advice / Put Me Away / Idle Hands / Calm Down / Driving / Boat Song /
A Hundred Miles / Leader / Line in the Sand
all songs © Raianne Richards 2010

Raianne Richards (self titled)

sunflower album cover

This self titled album was self produced and released in 2004 when Raianne was just 18 years old! She is joined by musicians Mark Mandeville and Dean Bagley. A fine attempt at the DIY multi-instrumentalist one-woman band thing featuring acoustic guitar, bass and...clarinet! Eight songs in all, mostly about falling and being in love.


"warm, intimate feel and immediately strikes you as heartfelt. Raianne was only 18 when she recorded them, and the insightfulness of many of her lyrics is rather astounding; she comes off as much wiser than her age would suggest."
Left off the Dial

"eloquent folk/pop...Sweet, tantalizing and seething with emotion...The result is an alluring sound, filled with child-like innocence.
~Douglas Sloan Metronome Magazine

With a name sounding like someone straight out of Nashville, Raianne Richards is actually somewhere entirely different with her music although her voice would probably sound great on a country recording..."(JJJJ--)
Past and Present


Blood Runs Deep / Close Your Eyes / Tired Eyes / Crazy Boy / Linger /Expectations / Luna / Commotion
all songs © Raianne Richards 2004

Current Work

Raianne was also part of "the accident that led me to the world" and currently tours with Mark Mandeville to support their last release Mark Mandeville and Old Constitution all of which were released by Nobody's Favorite Records
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